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Welcome to BUSiPAY's Automotive commission in advance platform.

BUSiPAY is a specialised Money Supply solutions provider to the Australian Automotive Industry - specifically for Dealers and OEM's. BUSiPAY's purpose is to deliver scalable Money Supply solutions to one of Australia’s largest employers.
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Thanks to BUSiPAY accessing your commissions is simple.

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For our Dealer Partners

BUSiPAY is Australia’s first monetisation based Money Supply provider to the Australian Automotive industry; providing fast and reliable, off-balance sheet, Money Supply solutions to automotive dealers across Australia.

BUSiPAY provides an innovative online service offering, fast tracked to support industry payment solutions for dealers and their employees.

Whether it's Money Supply solutions for sales commissions, dealer holdback, monthly, quarterly or annual OEM incentive programme money - BUSiPAY has a solution to advance tomorrow's income today.

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For our OEM partners

BUSiPAY offers Australia’s NSC's/OEM’s bespoke online Money Supply solutions to support both internal cash flow cycles and innovative solutions for various advanced payment solutions for dealer programme incentives.

We provide structured, off-balance-sheet Money Supply programmes to assist OEM’s and their franchise and agency dealer networks. BUSiPAY's digitalised platform allows OEM’s and their dealer partners to access their monthly, quarterly and annual incentive programme income in advance.

Our online money supply solutions platform, unlock cash flow for the deployment of growth-centric strategies and essential working capital for one of Australia's most important sectors.

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